Berries Battle Citris Fruits for the Vitamin C Spotlight

I started eating a lot of berries in the last year I was doing research on antioxidants and found that stawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries are great for fighting the free radicals that cause rapid aging, cancer, and other annoying health issues.

What is interesting is that oranges get all the credit for their vitamin C cold fighting benefits. I found that citris fruits, as high in vitamin C as they are hyped up, have less vitamin C than berries and even red peppers. Interesting.

I don’t like highly acidic foods and am not an orange fan. I take 500 milligrams of vitamin C, but found that strawberries have even more than oranges. Although strawberries are also acidic, no berries are more acidic than oranges. So, if you like the idea of fighting colds with vitamin C, but do not want all of the acid from citric fruits, the berry family may be the one you’ll be visiting. Commercial orange juice is also pumped with tons of sugar, something most orange juice fans overlook. So, diabetes patients get all the vitamin C with all the sugar.

At a recent birthday party that I threw, most of the invitees showed up with cake, cookies, etc. I created my berry medley, garnished with thin lime slices and bathing in apple juice. Not only was this a hit at the party, but I even had a request for the recipe, which by the way took me all of 10 minutes to make. The berry medley was gone within 30 minutes and I unfortunately had to tell people I did not make enough.

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Is dark chocolate really better for you?

Hmm, the hype about dark chocolate having antioxidants is true, but don’t forget that dark chocolate is still chocolate. It still has tons of sugar and fat and can STILL raise your cholesterol and blood sugar if you consume too much.

Yes, I understand that it is better than milk chocolate since milk chocolate does not have antioxidants.

I suggest having dark chocolate with some kind of fruit like strawberries. At least you’ll get the antioxidants from the berries too.